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Welcome to the best hair company we don't just sell products but we help you to get your own business off the ground with our private label.

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About me..About my company


That's Me

My name is Angela...but my friends call me Angee. Now that we are friends let me share with you a little about me. I begun my company in 2013 with Bundles, Frontals and Closure. After years of learning, my business took off before I knew it. I was so afraid and ran into a few snags along the way. I studied and took what I learned in the corporate world and applied it to my business. In order to go from good to great is by falling and picking yourself up and to keep going. I believe in God and lay before him for my walk and my business. I could not do and be anything without God. Native Detroiter born and raise. The baby of 3 siblings. 1 wonderful husband and 3 kids later....I'm still running my business in Jesus name and proud of it. 

Why do i offer bundles and more?

After I notice I could sell bundles my company name years ago was angeescustombundlez,  but I decided 2 years ago to change my name because I wanted to sell more than just hair. So  I decided to  sell other things I love and changed my name.  So after my hair was slayed, the sun was shining my edges "were just okay needed something different" and my shades cost me $45 and they didnt turn heads.

Then the light bulb went off. Let's get into selling sunglasses for the entire family. Solved...now what about these edges. Ummm I'm tired of buildup, residue, white stuff. I went in my basement and worked on edge control for 6 months. Made small batches for my daughter, mom, cousin's to try. Yeah... "your on to something Angee". Let's just say I now make edge control for Beauticians around the world, startup businesses and more. I'm in over 20 states supplying to people you couldnt believe. Even well known businesses,  where they create there own price and send the jars to you for $10 or more. If you found me count yourself blessed...now you can buy straight from the vendor. 

I love people!!

So something about me I'm 44 years old, living in Metro Detroit area. When i Communicate with you, it will be an professional experience.  I'm very passionate about what I do and take pride in my name. I decided anything above your nose I should have in stock. When im going out with my husband after getting dressed, my hair should slay, my eyes should talk, my edges should look good and my sunglasses should match my boldness. Yeah...I did it for me and by me. Now sharing all of this with you just because I love people and care about your beauty.

Now that you know more about me...try my products out. Guaranteed you wont be disappointed. May God bless you. 

Iwear4u Wants You


Contact iwearforyou social media or iwear4u.online for being Iwear4u hair promoters. You will get an exclusive code and link for your promotion, the more orders you bring, the more you will get.

Once you purchase what you desire to promote. Contact me on my social media after you have posted. Give me your order# and a unique code will be given to you the more customers you bring the bigger discounts you get. Looking for a promoter with over 10,000 followers Instagram and/or high youtube follower. Looking for someone to be the face of IWEAR4U. 

YouTube Videos Wanted

Post a 3-5 min YouTube video with Iwear4u hair, Put Iwear4u brand name in the title, Add Iwear4u hair in the description box, DM @iwearforyou or email iwearforyou@yahoo.com us your order number to get Cash, Up to $100 cash!!

Fighting Against Fraud

Packages must be Signed For

If your payment of Merchandise is over $75, you must sign for packages.

Edge Control 30 Jars or more can take 3 to 5 days. Business Days doesn't include weekends or Holidays,  orders processed in order receive.

Mousse containers 5 or more takes 3 to 5 days processing no exception.