Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***
Iwear4u Edge Control   ****BEST SELLER***

Iwear4u Edge Control ****BEST SELLER***

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  • Straight Hair Curled

  • Platinum Blonde thats been water dyed

  • A Hint of Cute Pieces Boutique

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Straight Hair Curled

Platinum Blonde thats been water dyed

A Hint of Cute Pieces Boutique


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Post Office Drop Offs

Iwear4u TM reserve the right to cancel orders at anytime if there is a glitch in the system, issue with website, incorrect pricelist etc. You will receive a full refund with explanation if any of the above has occurred. If for some reason your item was delivered to your house and your package was stolen, Iwear4u will not refund nor send out replacement items. You must repurchase your items. It is your responsibility to supply correct address, once order is placed Iwear4u does not recheck if you spelled, supplied or gave right address. Please supply email address that you use to receive tracking number. Please read shipping info in description there is no exception to this rule and no order will be shipped sooner. Please respect I'm a one man show and I process and make all my products and ship myself to ensure accuracy.


Any charge backs to Iwear4u will be punished by the highest degree by law

We log IP addresses on ALL orders - any orders coming back as a chargeback due to fraudulent activities will be diligently pursued through your local jurisdiction for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. If you have been a victim of a fraudulent charge, please cancel your credit card and email a copy of your filed police report.


IWEAR4U considers credit card charge backs to be fraud if you have made no reasonable effort to notify us by phone that a problem existed, or to resolve or clarify a situation or matter. All frivolous chargeback’s not only cost our employees time away from our usual and customary matters of conducting normal business, but cost us money. 

Customers who file chargebacks will no longer be able to purchase from our company. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Lip Gloss Sold as is no refund, no exchange, no return.

Edge Control Return-you are buying at your own risk. If you break out discontinue use of product and disgard. All products are all natural but iwear4u has no control of what you are allergic to, discontinue use if this occurs.

If you feel the product is not doing what you desire, no Refund. Any of the above no matter the reason, there is no exchange, no refund. Sold as is.

Hair Extensions- no refund, no exchange sold as is no exception.  

Lost packages: insurance are on the package up to $100. Packages that need to be signed for has enough insurance on the package for you to claim a refund to get you money back for lost packages. Contact usps, fed ex or ups with your tracking info to receive your claim money. Certain products like edge control and sunglasses may be replaced at iwear4u discretion. No guarantee that your items will be replaced.

Please check shipping address. If items are undeliverable, you will be held responsible for shipping cost to resend package back to you.. If iwear4u input incorrect address, iwear4u will reship no cost to customer. 

If items are returned due to undeliverable or incorrect address given by customer or usps, fed ex, ups stated unable to deliver, bad address etc, you will have 10 days to pay for shipping cost, no exception. On the 11th day items will be restocked and not returned. If items are undeliverable there will be no refund. Please check address.

Mink Lashes- no refund no exchange 


Please note that once packages are received by USPS, FED EX, UPS, IWEAR4U  no longer responsible for delivery. The responsible party is now USPS, Fed Ex or UPS and they can be contacted by calling FOR UPS 1-800-275-8777, FEDEX.COM OR UPS.COM



FAQ and More

Unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange, nor returns



Q. My order was refunded to me for fraudulent reasons why is that? If you are a new customer and have placed order of $75.00 or more... We reserve the right to ask for you to show the card you use ending in the last 4 digits and your drivers license. We lose money and product for chargebacks, or fraudulent orders and to protect Iwear4u and the consumer this is our policy. If you do not want to supply this your order will be refunded. Refunds depending on which method you use could take 7 to 10 business days. Please contact the merchant that took your payment and not Iwear4u You will also be placed on Iwear4u Black list where you can never order from us again

Q.I placed an order how soon will my order ship?

A. Orders are shipped in the order it was received. No order will be rushed. No exception 


Q. When will I receive my tracking number?

A. When your order is shipped check email before contacting us.


Q. Once I get my tracking number how soon for USPS/Ups updates?

A. Once tracking number has been received please allow 24 to 48 hour updates. All orders are picked up next day after receiving tracking number.


Q. What if my package has no update?

A. Allow time my USPS or UPS is slow


Q. What if my package says delivered but I didn't receive it?

A. Contact USPS/Ups once package is picked up iwear4u has no power over USPS/Ups nor do we own USPS/Ups. Contact them directly with your tracking number. File claim with USPS/Ups. **** I DO NOT REPLACE LOST, MISPLACED OR STOLEN ITEMS****

Our Mailing Address and Store Hours

11800 Merriman Road

PO Box 51033

Livonia, Michigan 48151

Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday, Closed

Phone# 313-757-5428

Email iwearforyou@yahoo.com

Apparel, Hair Care, Hair Extensions

Women Clothing

Disclaimer for my personal brand can not be resold..Iwear4u/ MrsBs line

Iwear4u hereby at anytime forbid, prohibit the resale of my private line Mrs Bs/ Iwear4u line as your own edge control, mousse, hair growth grease, wax stick, hair growth oil or any product that is sold with Iwear4u or MrsBs name on the items you purchased from my personal line. I hereby will demand any proceeds you received during resell of my personal line, plus court cost and sue to the highest capacity in the court of law. Iwear4u / Iwearforyou / MrsBs line is solely owned by Angela under Federal , State laws. Please refrain from reselling my personal line.

Please purchase Start your own business which comes no labels or add your logo to any of these start your own business products .